Thursday, 1 May 2014

Magic Spider v1.7.6

Requirements: Android 2.2 and up 
Overview: My Pet Boris app is the scariest app for the Android. Inspired by Jim Pace's magic trick "The Web" where a spider magically appears on the back of your spectator's hand. Bound to get amazing reactions. The app uses the idea of "Augmented Reality" merging real life objects with computer generated graphics to create a truly frightening effect.

Do you know anyone who is afraid of spiders? Everyone is, right?
Then this is the perfect magic trick/prank for you.
You take a photo of the spectator's hand (secretly loading a plastic spider on the back of their hand) and place the phone on their palm to hold.

Your Pet Boris - an Australian Red back spider (black widow) creeps onto the screen and they can feel the vibrations as it walks. You can tap the screen and even slide your finger into the animation to scratch the spider's back. Boris walks off the screen.

You tell them that the phone has special sensors that when you wave your hand over the screen it makes the spider come back. He does.

You get them to wave their hand over the phone.

It is just then that they glimpse a realistic spider clinging to the back of their hand and they FREAK OUT!!

Bound to get BIG reactions. Finger tone and size can be set to suit your own. Start-up screen can be customised to suit your performance style. Camera capture, solid white or any image from your library can be used as a background.

NOTE: Requires a plastic spider or cockroach and adhesive dots.
See our website for more details, spider and cockroach supplies and video presentation & instructions.

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BONUS EFFECT: MAGIC COCKROACH APP - Now also comes with a cockroach animation for those who think they are scarier.

IN-APP PURCHASE: MAGIC BUTTERFLY APP - Professional Version. Now with a less scary version using a butterfly. Also includes the ability to set custom fingers instead of the standard images that come with the app. Additional purchase required.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Spider and cockroach are meant to stop a number times as they cross the screen.
This is correct behavior and part of the presentation, not lag.
Stops can be removed in the "Advance Timing" settings if you prefer.

If your screen lags (i.e. jumpy/not smooth), turn off all three "Transition Scales" in Developer Options of your phone for greater performance.

See our "Frequently Asked Questions" section of our website for further details.

Contact: for any assistance.

What's New
Update 1.7.6 21/4/2014
Fix for Android 4.3 issues
Update 1.7.5 20/4/2014
Fix for HTC flash, cleaned and rebuilt project
Added some alert boxes to explain features.
Reduced size of full screen graphics to reduce app size <40MB.
Update 1.7.4 17/4/2014
Added Custom Fingers Feature. Enabled with Butterfly In app Purchase.
Advanced Flash & Focus Settings based on device capabilities.
Fixed Library Background issue causing black screen if no image was selected.
Added Flurry Analytics. Droid fix.

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