Tuesday, 11 June 2013



If you're like me, you don't need much out of life. A good movie, a pretty girl, and a massive swarm of cyborg insects that you can command to bring a swift end to your enemies. Well, if this Kickstarter project has its way, we'll have the third one in no time. Meet the RoboRoach. This little kit allows you to mind control a living cockroach.
Let me repeat that for you: mind control a friggin' cockroach. A-like so:
Well, perhaps "mind control" is a bit of a stretch, as cockroaches don't exactly have "minds" in the same way we do. They are, however, aware of simple concepts like "I am near a wall." The way this Cockroach Cerebro works is it sends an electrical impulse to the insect's feelers to trick it into thinking that it's next to an object that it wants to get away from. So, it's a little less like a Chitauri scepter, and more like when a crappy 3D movie flings ping pong balls at your head. Your tiny, crunchy head.
At the time of writing, the project has received $1,325 of its $10,000 goal. If you want to get your own personal plague, each individual kit costs $100 (though they indicate the price may go down after they get funded and get through a few more development rounds). Also, bugs aren't included. However, the New World Order is essentially up to the highest bidder. For less than a new car, you can have an Android-powered swarm of insects the like of which the world hasn't seen since Moses.

Source: Kickstarter

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Android Desktop OS

Serilei  the Junior member of the xda developers make a great effort so he deserve that google take notice on his efforts and make it possibel 

Serilei  says that
This is something Ive been working on, and honestly I wish Google would make this into a full fledged desktop OS, or a hacker or someone. Hell if I had the skills I would do it myself.

But in the mean time, I will show you some ideas I've been working on, and if anyone wants to make this into a skin for the android ICS 4.1 for pc then by all means please do, and I will send you the PS files.

My idea of an Android Desktop OS. I am quite happy with it. Check my Deviantart for full HD pictures, and check my youtube video for a 6 minute description of what the OS would do. Please feedback is welcome.

Also I would love to see this come to light one day. Could be amazing.


Basic Desktop

Occupied desktop

Easy Access Menu

Easy Access Menu (USER)

Easy Access Menu (Music)


User Menu / Open Folder


Here is a youtube video with a bit of an explanation of what everything does.