Monday, 30 November 2015

Stagefright New Android Virus .(Read it CareFully) Otherwise it will send your SMS MMS and Any Chat to Hacker

In July 2015, security company Zimperium announced that it had discovered a "unicorn" of a vulnerability inside the Android operating system. More details were publicly disclosed at the BlackHat conference in early August — but not before headlines declaring that nearly a billion Android devices could potentially be taken over without their users even knowing it.
So what is "Stagefright"? And do you need to worry about it?
We're continuously updating this post as more information is released. Here's what we know, and what you need to know.

What is Stagefright?

"Stagefright" is the nickname given to a potential exploit that lives fairly deep inside the Android operating system itself. The gist is that a video sent via MMS (text message) could be theoretically used as an avenue of attack through the libStageFright mechanism (thus the "Stagefright" name), which helps Android process video files

Saturday, 7 November 2015

2G 3G 4G LTE Network Monitor Donated v2.13.2

Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: 2G, 3G, 4G, CDMA switch & network monitor & data traffic counter with graphs and statistics.


Friday, 6 November 2015

YouTube Downloader v4.7.apk For Android

YouTube Downloader for Android
Copyright © 2012-2015 Samuele Rini

End User License Agreemen

  • First of all, remember to enable Unknown Sources from your device’s Security settings, to allow installations of non market Apps (safely ignore the subsequent dialog);
  • Temporary disable apps as Halo, Screenfilter, Twilight, LastPass password manager or anything similar (apps that do “draw on other apps”), otherwise the “install” button will not work;
  • To install the app, click on your notification bar message for the completed download (if using the system downloads app, otherwise this may vary: i.e. if you have a file manager installed, you can browse to your downloads folder and install YTD’s apk directly, clicking on the file).

[TOOL] [WINDOWS] ADB, Fastboot and Drivers - 15 seconds ADB Installer v1.4.3

15 seconds ADB Installer v1.4.3
ADB, Fastboot and Drivers
What is this?
This is All-in-One installer for 3 most needed PC tools for Android. No need to download big SDK for 3 small things. I originaly made it for my Kurdish friend AnGrY DuDe in early 2013. I saw another ADB installer on XDA, but it wasn't good enough for me so i'm finaly posting it here. It's very small and fast installer for tools and drivers.

Small - 9.18 MB
Fast - 15 seconds install (many times its even less)
AIO - ADB, Fastboot and also Drivers
Easy to install - just run it and program will guide you
Clean - ADB and Google Drivers from latest SDK

Hivemapper - 3D map for drones

There's an app on your phone with maps of what's going on at ground level, but what about in the air? If you're going to fly a drone around, as people are increasingly doing, it might be nice to know how close you are to obstacles and where you're not supposed to fly. That's what Hivemapper does, and it's available on Android now.
Hivemapper includes over 20 million building boundaries at launch, but only half of those include the building's height. There are also 16,000 no-fly zones for places like airports, government buildings, and so on. If you just want to find something cool, there are 15 million points of interest in the US that you can guide your drone to via the app.
In order to use Hivemapper, you need to have a compatible drone. Right now that means only the DJI Phantom 3, Phantom 2, and Inspire 1. Users of the app can submit additional details about the friendly skies like points of interest and areas where someone might shoot your drone out of the sky.


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Gamesome Frontend.apk - The first universal emulator frontend for Android.apk

Before giving a low vote on the Play Store, notice that some crashes are not related to my application, but to the emulators. Some emus will have such bugs fixed in the upcoming updates (mostly RetroArch). Moreover, this release is still experimental.

The first universal emulator frontend for Android is finally here!

Get it on the Play Store! (It is FREE with all features fully working. The "PRO" version just remove ads)

The Gamesome Emulator Frontend (a.k.a. Gamesome Frontend) will keep your roms organized for you! 

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team MOD APK 2.1.108792

Fifa 16 Mobile is now globally released. Fifa 16 Ultimate Team is the new name of fifa 16 mobile.what are the big changes this time around to the big changes this time and and it’s an entirely new game from the previous mobile games that you seen now from pfieffer without reintroduce what we call the next-gen mobile engine you so this is an engine based on PlayStation 3 an x-box 360 and which are really excited about thinking this is bring in the console T a pocke. better things to the gameplay improved the controls by significantly to handle the new gameplay as well so overall

Adguard - No Root Ad Blocker ( NO NEED to ROOT).apk

Hello all!
I'd like to present you Adguard for Android. It is a tool designed to make web surfing of Android users more comfortable and 



 Adguard is an adblocker, privacy protection tool, and protector against online threats. It also has its own Firewall to control the 
incoming/outgoing traffic.
What's important: no ROOT required.
If you have any ideas on how to improve Adguard or you would like to submit a bug, please do so at our profile on GitHub!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

One-Click Root Tool for Almost All Devices (KINGROOT)


KingRoot 4.5.2 has been released, we optimized core algorithm to decrease reboot rate during root process. What's more, more device be supported and please try yours now~Disclaimer
  1. Root has risk and may be voids your warranty.
  2. We have two versions, one is mobile version( app) for one-click root, another is desktop version for root some special device which can not be rooted by mobile one. Attention please that the desktop version may be flash third party Recovery into your device.
  3. Please check information in "DETAILS and RMARKS" section carefully before you decide to root your device by KingRoot.
  4. Statement: Why KingUser need internet connection and upload device information

KingRoot is an amazing tool for "lazy people" who just want to get root access but don't want to flash any third party Recovery into their lovely device. It is one of the most famous root tool in China and now we release English version here for everyone, totally free and without AD. Something interesting will 

[APP][Root][2.1+][UNOFFICIAL] AdAway v3.1 :: [10.09.2015]

Based on the News that google has removed Ad blocking apps from the play store I figured I'd throw this up so people still can get this great application.
I don't know about the other Ad blocking apps but AdAway has been my favorite for a long time due to its functionality and being open source.

Please go to the Developer's Site where you can donate, get the source, and find other ways of installing. It is available from F-Droid as well. The last version in the Google play store was v2.2. I've compile from source any time there are any significant changes. You can look at the source or the app

Inbox By Gmail's New 'Smart Reply' Feature Lets You Quickly Respond To Email Without Having To Think Or Type

Inbox by Gmail is Google's way of experimenting with your email account. The service comes up with new ways to present information and organize it effectively. Now the search giant is taking the next step and responding to your email for you. Well, almost. It will look at your message and provide you with a few logical responses to pick from. Or you can use these snippets to jump start your reply if you feel you have more to say.

Starred Messages Make An Appearance In WhatsApp, Perfect For Quickly Accessing Important Texts And Media Files

For the thousands of us who use WhatsApp daily, nay hourly, the app has become a pseudo repository for our digital lives. It has addresses our friends texted us, meeting dates, social plans, important notices from our bosses or coworkers, pictures of our kids or relatives, cute audio blurbs from our loved ones, and so much more. Although the app has a search function, that isn't the optimal way to find a specific message: you may not remember the exact words used or you may simply be looking for a media file that can't be found using the search function.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My ZONG .apk

My Zong App is a One-Stop Destination for Managing your Zong Account, Checking Usage Details, Activate/Deactivate Packages, Check Call & SMS History Details, Recharge Your Account, Get Recommendations for Data Bundles, Fun Kit & much more.

My Warid .apk

Manage your Warid connection with the swipe of a finger! Subscribe to services, bundles, packages and get all account details and updates through My Warid app.
You can use it to do the following:

Self-Care Section:
• Recharge your account
• Manage FnF numbers
• Get account details
• Balance info

Ufone SelCare.APK

With Ufone Self Care U can manage all your Ufone connections with a single Self Care account. Ufone Self Care is especially designed keeping your needs in mind. U can create a username of your own choice and enjoy full control of all your Ufone connections from a one-window interface.