Friday, 7 March 2014

AtmosHere ver 1.1.2

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Requires Android 4.0 and up 

*On sale for initial release!* 
* is not available in all locations. Please go to to verify your location has data* 

Don't like to read walls of text? Go down a bit further for a tl;dr! 

Powered by, and inspired by Google Now, AtmosHere is a twist on your typical weather app. Featuring everything you could ask for in a weather app, current conditions, condition summaries for the next hour, 24 hours, 48 hours, and week, precipitation probability in chart form (Who doesn't love charts?!), along with information for the next week with almost all weather information you could ask for! 

Clicking on the "Upcoming" card will take you to an hourly forecast for the next 7 days! This of course is a wealth of information, which has been slimmed down to fit the card ui style. But simply clicking on an hourly card, will show you all the information provided by! You will also see "Weather Alert" cards and "Storm Alert" cards based on on-going weather conditions. If there is a weather alert for your location you will see an alert card front and center (and optionally a separate notification), and if a storm is within 10 miles of your location, you will be alerted for this as well! The idea is to make this app more "contextually aware" of the weather conditions for your location, and there will be constant updates to improve this. 

Since that still wasn't satisfying enough, Flickr is integrated into the header of your home view, showcasing nearby Flickr photos that will also correspond to the current conditions (example, if it's snowing you will see pictures of snow!). This bring us to the next feature, Muzei integration! The same images used in the app can also be used with Muzei! Not to be forgotten, AtmosHere also features DashClock integration to keep your home screen up-to-date with your local weather conditions. 

Your typical Android widget, day dream, and optional persistent notification (with adjustable update frequency) are also included! 

- powered 
- Card UI style 
- fused location provider for geo-location 
- minutely, hourly, daily weather data 
- hour by hour weather information for the next week (compared to most others 48 hours) available by clicking on the "Upcoming" card 
- Flickr geo-location based image searching 
- Muzei integration 
- Dash Clock integration 
- Widget 
- persistent notification (optional usage) 
- Day Dream 
- Pull to refresh 
- settings (who doesnt love those?) 
- charts (charts never lie) 
- All the contact information you could ever ask for in the "About" section 

Feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated! This is just a start, and would love to expand this app out as much as possible. It is of course impossible to appease everyone's suggestions, but popular ideas will be heavily prioritized! Check the "About" section for ways to keep in contact. 

What's New 
- Updated the pull to refresh view (better matches UI) 
- Updated Weather Alert card to only show the alert summary once clicked 
- Ui fixes for smaller devices 
- Updated Flickr integration. Now uses a special Flickr group focused on high quality weather/landscape images. Same source that is used for the Yahoo! Weather app. You can switch back to geo-location based Flickr images in the Settings 
- Small tablet Ui fix 
- less loading animations everywhere, cleaned up UI 
- updated charts

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