Friday, 28 March 2014

PDF Editor v1

Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: The best and the most complete PDF Utility application !!!

PDF Editor - screenshot thumbnailPDF Editor - screenshot thumbnailPDF Editor - screenshot thumbnailPDF Editor - screenshot thumbnailPDF Editor - screenshot thumbnail

A Single app that gives you Eight power packed PDF Manipulations - Merge, Split, Convert website to PDF, Rotate, Encrypt, Watermark, Extract & Delete pages :

1) Merge Files - Join 2 pdf files into a single one. 

Ever had trouble managing multiple files ? Now you can combine them into a single pdf file, making it easy to share with friends.

2) Split File - Cut a big pdf file into 2 smaller ones.

Have a file that is too big ? Now you can split it into smaller units. Making the sizes manageable.

3) Website to PDF - Saw a news article / match report that you would like to read when free ? Convert the website into pdf and read the article as and when you wish.

4) Rotate PDF - Turn a page / group of pages of a file.

Have a pdf file where some pages need to be rotated ? Use the 'Rotate PDF' feature to turn the pages by 90 / 180 / 270 degrees.

5) Encrypt PDF - Add password lock to your pdf file

Want to protect your confidential information ? Use the 'Encrypt PDF' feature to add password protection to your pdf file.

6) Watermark PDF - Add watermark text to all pages of your pdf file

Need to ensure that you get proper ownership of the content you generated ? Why not add a watermark to the pdf file ? With our 'Watermark PDF' feature, you can embed a text on everypage of the pdf that indicates your ownership. Great for embedding copyright information.

7) Extract Pages - Got a big pdf, where you are interested in only few pages ? Why not use the extract PDF pages from our application and extract out the relevant pages from the pdf.

8) Delete Pages - Delete selected pages from a pdf file

Ever felt the need to delete some selected page / group of pages from a PDF file ? If yes, the 'Delete Pages' feature gives you the control to remove pages and the corresponding bookmarks & links. Great way to reduce size of PDF document.

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