Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Shazam Encore v4.5.1 build 84026

Requirements: Android 2.3 and up
Overview: The premium version of Shazam--Shazam Encore--offers even more! With exclusive features and unlimited usage, plus all of Shazam's core features--discover, buy, and share music--Encore gives you the ultimate music journey experience.

The new Song Previews feature lets you listen to clips of songs you've tagged. It's the perfect way to help you decide if you like a track and want to buy it. Previews works when you're browsing through your tag history, your friends' tags in Shazam Friends, or tags featured in Shazam's Tag Chart and Recommendations.

Learn more about the songs your friends are tagging with Shazam Friends and share the songs you've discovered as well. See what's popular in your country with Tag Chart, find tour dates for tagged artists, and buy concert tickets. Keep up to date with the latest music news with Shazam's blog.

Shazam Friends
Everyone has friends that have great taste in music. With the exciting new feature Shazam Friends you can now discover and share new music with your friends on Facebook. You'll see a real-time view of songs your friends are tagging, giving you a steam of new music to check out for yourself!

Tagged song
See song information within moments
• Browse all your friends' tags, watch music videos, read reviews, access biographies, and get artist tour info

• See all recent tags from a particular friend in one place

• Add friends tags to your Shazam history and playlist

• Buy the track

• Post tags to Facebook and Twitter, add comments, and give your friends a chance to listen and comment

• Invite friends to use Shazam Friends

Whether you're into global acts or indie bands, get music recommendations based on the music you like and discover cool new songs. Browse tracks, buy them, check out artist info, or watch YouTube videos.

Reviews, Artist Bios, and Lyrics
To learn more about your favorite bands and artists, check out album and song reviews, biographies and discographies, and lyrics!

Offline Tagging
Offline Tagging allows you to tag a track even when you don't have data coverage--ideal for clubbers! Tag the track as usual and Shazam will store it as an Unsubmitted Tag in My Tags. When you connect again, just tap the Unsubmitted Tag and Shazam will send you the Tag Result. Unsubmitted tracks won't count towards your 5 free tags until they've been successfully matched.

What's new in version 4.5.1
If you're in our test group, you're going to get a sneak peek of the new Shazam experience. And if not, stay tuned, you'll see it very soon!
Minor bug fixes.

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