Thursday, 13 March 2014

Wind-up Knight 2 v1.0 [Full/Unlocked

Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: The sequel is bigger, better and more beautiful in every way. 

WUK2 adds a few interesting twists to the original core: checkpoints have been added, making it easier to resume playing on longer levels after dying, which you will do often. The game rewards you for not needing checkpoints (ie. beating the level in one fell swoop) but they’re there as crutches. The coin-based in-game currency system is back, and a new form of money has also been added: tickets. The former is used for purchasing new equipment, such as a Hard Helm for fending off drops from the sky, or a Diamond Sword that shoots a projectile at oncoming enemies. Obviously, like many free to play games, it’s easier to pay for coins than grind out the necessary amount from playing, but Robot Invader has, as with the original, balanced the game mechanics perfectly so none of those powerups are ever necessary to progress through the game.

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