Saturday, 8 March 2014

360 Video Ball

[Yes, This Is As Cool As It Sounds] Company Develops 360-Degree Video Format, App That Plays It Back On Your Android Phone
360-degree video. Next to the holodeck, it really is the holy grail of next-generation viewing. The possibilities are seemingly endless - can you imagine a 360-degree video drone copter buzzing around a basketball arena or providing live coverage of a protest in a foreign land? A submarine wading through the depths, giving you the complete ability to pan around the undersea world? And unlike 3D or other crazy video tech, you don't even need a special TV - just a way to control the current area of focus in the video. You could even play it back on a smartphone, couldn't you?

360 Video Ball - screenshot thumbnail360 Video Ball - screenshot thumbnail

A company known as Finwe was demoing just such a technology at MWC in Barcelona last week, and as the video above should fully convince you, it's pretty damn incredible. Utilizing a cluster of, essentially, 12 GoPro HD cameras glued together and then stitching the resulting files into a 360-degree panorama (done using a discrete piece of software), Finwe showed a fully interactive 6K (!) video playing on a Nexus 5. Utilizing the gyroscope, you can tilt and pan around the video in a full 360 degrees in a proprietary playback app. You can even pinch to zoom.
You can actually check it out for yourself right here in an earlier form, via a demo app published on the Play Store last year by Finwe - it's kind of incredible.

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