Thursday, 27 February 2014

Network Mapper v1.0.27

Requirements: 1.5 +
Overview: A very fast scanner for network admins that can scan your network in the office and export as CSV via GMail to give you a map of what devices are on your LAN.
Network Mapper - screenshot thumbnailNetwork Mapper - screenshot thumbnail

- Includes a portscanner for security audit scans and a MAC vendor database to identify NIC manufacturers
- Can detect firewalled and stealthed computers, quite useful if you are looking for a windows/firewall box that you can't see on your network!
- Useful if you want to find FTP servers, SSH servers, SMB servers etc on your network and would help you to diagnose faults.
- You can save the scan results as a CSV file which can be imported into Excel/OpenOffice/LibreOffice
- Built for speed and reliability. Throw anything at it and it should cope (even on a 3G network ;-))

What's New:
* Fix for a crash on some devices due to a bug in Androids permissions for wifi/network state (requires an extra permission)

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More Info:

Download Instructions:thanks Vegas Romeo 


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