Thursday, 27 February 2014

LockDown - XPOSED v1.2.1

Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: Lock Down is a security module for the Xposed framework.
 LockDown - XPOSED - screenshot thumbnailLockDown - XPOSED - screenshot thumbnailLockDown - XPOSED - screenshot thumbnailLockDown - XPOSED - screenshot thumbnailLockDown - XPOSED - screenshot thumbnail

Lock Down is a security module for the Xposed framework.

Create multiple PINs to unlock your device. Every PIN can lock apps that you choose. It can also hide the locked applications from the app drawer so the user will be unaware they are currently locked out.

Try the free version of this module to ensure it will work as intended on your device. Be sure to disable or uninstall the free version upon purchase of the full version.
Lock Down Free:

How do I launch the app?
To launch Lock Down for the first time call *#*#54321 from your phone app. This is the default launch key. It is recommended you change this key after opening Lock Down.

The app is not launching when I type *#*#54321
This is a common problem when this module is used alongside any quick unlock or similar lock screen modifications. Disable quick unlock and restart device.
Make sure there is a PIN set through the system settings. This is the system PIN and only through this can LockDown be launched.

What is the difference between the full version and the free version?
The free version only supports 1 profile and only 3 restricted applications. The full version supports unlimited profiles and restricted apps. Full version is also updated more frequently with bug fixes and new features.

How are my PINs stored?
All user data is stored in an encrypted file. Any tampering with the file will disable the profile completely.

What are the permissions used for?
ACCESS_SUPERUSER - Hide and close apps when a profile is active
GET_TASKS - Monitor running applications
PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS - Launch app from phone call

I am not liable for any damages that may be incurred through use of this application. It is provided as-is with no warranties and use is at your sole risk. You hold harmless and indemnify Nitish Kasturia and its related parties from and against any third-party claim arising from or in any way related to your use of this application.

What's New 
Improved stability for some ROMs
Changed default launch PIN from *12345 to *#*#54321 to fix launch issues on some phones. If you are updating from an old version you will have to launch with *#*#54321 and change the launch PIN again.
Improved file security

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