Monday, 24 February 2014

[APP] How to received Google Play/Amazon Gift cards!!

I. Introducing about FreeMyApps
FreeMyApps do give away rewards for free just for trying out sponsors' free apps. No personal info, no catch. 

FreeMyApps's sponsors want you to fall in love with their free apps (they are pretty cool) and they pay FreeMyApps to introduce them to us. You get to explore some great free apps and get rewards for free!

II. Installing and Working
Ok, let's rock it out ! I'll explain how to get credit cards steps by steps. Btw, sr for my bad English :P

Step 1: Download FreeMyApps. Here is LINK      Or   Link 

Step 2. Download FreeMyApps sponsor apps, Whenever u install sponsor apps and try it (0-30s), you receive credits ( Your point to earn Gift cards ).

Step 3. When you have...
- 3000 credit Congratulation! I'll receive $10 Google Play/ Amazon Gift card !
The same as above:
- 7500 credit = $25 Gift card
- 15000 credit = $50 Gift card 

Tutorial video is here:
Let me give you an example. On the average, each app take you 1 minute to download and 30 seconds to open and receive credits. So totally, How much time u spend to receive one $10 Gift Card is
(1+0.5) x (3000/100) = 45 mintues
45 minutes to get $10, it's quite good, right?  GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY!!! 

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