Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Alarm Clock - Safe Sleep PRO v2.56 apk

Requirements: 2.3.3 and up 
Overview: The best alarm clock.

- Customize everything: alarm sounds, volume, repetitions, pause time
- Define your own time ranges for each day

Stop harmful waves during your sleep!

Turns off all types of radio wave / electromagnetic radiation (WIFI, 3G, LTE, Bluetooth).

Do you want to use your device as an alarm clock but are afraid that the waves it emits will fry your brain if you sleep too close to it ? We spend a third of our life sleeping, we should do it safely.

In 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified mobile phone radiation on the IARC scale into Group 2B: possibly carcinogenic. That means that there "could be some risk" for them to cause cancer.

Clearly there is no reason to panic yet. But in the mean time why take the risk? You surely only have one life to try your luck. 

- Protect yourself and your children while you sleep
- Improve sleep quality: no incoming e-mails sounds, no phone calls...
- Turns off all types of radio wave / electromagnetic radiation (WIFI, 3G, LTE, Bluetooth)
- Use it at work to get a few hours of uninterrupted concentration

And finally, there's a bonus side-effect: it also saves battery 

Try it now ! It's the best app in its category.

What's New
- Option to have an alarm set at the end of Quick Sleep
- Bug fixes and improvements

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More Info:

Download Instructions: PRO features Unlocked


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