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Psychowalkman | Mind Machine v1.0.1

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Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: Improve your mental health with brain machine audiovisual stimulation.
Psychowalkman | AV device - screenshot thumbnailPsychowalkman | AV device - screenshot thumbnailPsychowalkman | AV device - screenshot thumbnailPsychowalkman | AV device - screenshot thumbnailPsychowalkman | AV device - screenshot thumbnailPsychowalkman | AV device - screenshot thumbnail

Improve your mental health with brain machine audiovisual stimulation. Relax and Sleep Try new programs. Application functionality brings its popular Android ™ devices AVS . AVS means " visual stimulation " . Devices help many people to improve the mental health of them and how .

Exact combination of sounds and visualizations react ensure exact effect . For this reason the application is divided into several programs AVS :
- Concentration
- Analgesic
- Elimination of depression
- Stresskilling
- Energy
- Relax
- Sleep

You will find all necessary information about these programs in the help section of the application. But taking time to read brief summary of programs below.

This program is especially made for induction of concentration. For maximum effect hold the device horizontally, and keep looking to the center of the screen.

analgesic :
Effect of this program is to alleviate all kinds of physical pain. Similar to the program concentration is recommended to maintain the horizontal orientation of the device facing the center of the screen during the session.

Elimination of depression:
This program is specially designed to help get rid of depression.

Stresskilling :
When you are stressed , this program is exacly what you need to change this to something positive. It calms you down .

The program can brings energy boost to people when needed. But we must never forget that sleep is really necessary, physiologically 

For those people who are used to set aside some time to relax day , not a program specially designed for this case. Enjoy soothing sounds and melodies.

Some people have real problems with the quality of your sleep . No matter if you are one of them, you should try this program to improve sleep .

It is highly recommended , for maximum effect , use headphones during all sessions of the program.

AVS Devices history :

Physiologists have shown that chimpanzees and other mammals walk miles just to see the vibrant sun reflection in the water. They found that certain sensory stimuli such as light and pulsating sounds is essential for all mammals to achieve a psychosomatic balance.

Several researchers also concluded that this process means that the brain affected by light and sounds ( melodies ) , people have always tried induse somehow intuitive . For example , watching the flames of fire, or play drums.

There was a surprising measure of battery - Indigenous peoples who live apart worldwide , are beating the drums almost always correspond to the level of theta (4-6 beats per second).

The first commercial device to stimulate the mind with light and sounds (music) was designed by American radar specialist Sidney A. Schneider in 1957.

At the moment, when devices AVS began to emerge significant potential was more important to start dealing with the government and military installations of the United States and the development moved to strategic state institutions , especially the NASA case and Pentagon .

- 7 programs
- Special Audio composed for the purpose of each program
- Special display designed for the purpose of each program
- We're not done with all programs , new come
- New programs relax and sleep

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