Thursday, 2 May 2013

SmartSilence: Silent Scheduler BY Waylon Brown

Silence Your Phone Automatically with SmartSilence

Silence Your Phone Automatically with SmartSilence
I usually silence my phone during class, in the library, and when I sleep at night. This means every day I usually have to toggle on and off my phone about 6 times a day, which is okay. But then, I still often get some loud and nasty surprises which either draw a couple glares and scowls or wake me up during the middle of the night, all because I forgot to silence my phone and a spam email got through. This is, more likely than not, a situation that many of you folks experience as well, so wouldn’t it be great if there’s an app that could just do all that for you, no questions asked?
Well, XDA Forum Member AggieDev has developed a useful app called SmartSilence, which automates your silencing rituals based on schedules you set. A weekly schedule can be created, allowing you to define the days of the week, the start time and stop time you want your phone to be turned silent. You can also toggle a vibrating notification to mark the moment when the phone is turned silent. During the silenced period, a notification will pop up in the slide-down notification area, which can deactivate the currently active silence schedule. You can also toggle on and off schedules from the app’s main screen, which also shows all the schedules you’ve created, and the start/stop times and selected days that the schedules are set to be active during.
AggieDev has developed an app that will surely very useful for many smartphone users out there. It’s simple to use, easy to set up, and doesn’t interfere with any other activities you may need your phone for. It’s compatible with Android versions 2.0 and newer, ad-free and available free from the Play store. So if you would like to check it out, 

What is SmartSilence?
This app allows you to put in the times during the week that you want your phone to be on silent. Put in your work hours, any meeting hours, etc. And the app will set the phone to vibrate/silent during these times, and when the time is up it puts your phone back into the previous mode it was in.

Because this app was originally developed by me for my own personal needs, one thing I felt was missing from many competitors was the ability to schedule a "One-Time Event" setting that presents you with a calendar instead of checkboxes for days of the week. This is for any one time even you will have in the future that you will want your phone on silent/vibrate for, such as a one-time meeting or an interview on a specific date. Once that time has passed, the phone will go back into its previous mode and the event will delete itself from the schedule.

  • 1.2 - Fixed Bug where notifications wouldn't show until Settings was opened at least once.

Looking for any suggestions and bug reports as I have just released the app!


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