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(ANDROID)Permanent Screen Off App for the Visually Impaired IT Help The Blind People

[App/1.5+/Open-source/Root and Non-root] Permanent screen off for the Visual Impaired

Permanent Screen Off for the Visually Impaired

Introduction & Goals of the project 
There are many Android users who are blinded. And to them, they access the app mainly using TalkBack or other Screen Reader app. That also means that the screen is basically useless to them. They don't need to look at the screen yet they need to be able to use touchscreen.

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Source code of the app
App's source code can be downloaded from here

Disclaimer: Source code can be used only for non-commercial projects

Permanent Screen Off for the Visually Impaired
Most of us take the simple act of waking up our devices and having a quick glance at the screen for granted. Have you ever considered what it might be like for a visually impaired or blind person to try and navigate an Android device? In all honesty, I can’t say that I had either. And although we’ve all seen the accessibility options in our settings menu, they are quite often ignored by most of us. However, the usability of Android devices for the visually impaired is a very real issue faced by a lot of users and developers.
XDA Senior Member nkahoang developed an application with this in mind called Permanent Screen Off. It is aimed at users with a visual impairment serious enough that the screen is of no use to them and serves no purpose other than to waste battery. It’s a straightforward application that does exactly what you’d expect and allow the device to be used as normal while the display is turned off.
The app is compatible with Android 1.5 and up, working on both rooted and unrooted devices. A rooted device however will allow for the display to be completely disabled, whereas a non rooted device will have it’s display reduced to a very dim level. The application is currently in beta and is completely open source. 
If you are lucky enough to have no need for this application, go and enable Talkback from the Accessibility settings and try to perform a few simple actions on your device with your eyes closed, I think you’ll be surprised at just how difficult even the simplest of tasks can become.
Open source app development project: Permanent screen off for the Visual Impaired

Short summary 
This is an app development project that turns off the Android screen permanently yet keeps the touchscreen and other features active and functional for the visual impaired.

This project is to create an app that will turn the screen completely off (100% off) yet let the user use the phone as normal.

Assuming that the blind takes more time than normal user to perform an action, it dramatically saves the device's battery.

The app must be easy to use and tailored to visual impaired user.
The app automatically runs with the device.
The app must be free and advertisement-free.

I am the developer of the project and I recruit the interest of other developers / users as well. I am the developer of Screen Standby app, which this project is based on.

Device requirements 
- Running Android 1.5 (Cupcake) or above
(Optionally) Rooted for best battery-saving. The app works with non-root device though, only rooted device achieves complete dark

1) Download the apk and Install the app
2) Run the app at least once
3) Select Enable app from menu
4) If the system asks for Superuser access, select always remember and allow

5) To disable, select "Disable app" from the menu and restart the device.


NOTE: Please read 
1) Always use a screen reader (e.g TalkBack) with the app. In case you want to use your device without the screen
2) This app will permanently switch the device's screen off when it is active. To turns the screen back on, select "Disable app" or uninstall app completely and reboot
3) To uninstall from ADB, go to a shell and type: adb uninstall com.nkahoang.screenoffvisualimpair


Source code of the app
App's source code can be downloaded from here

Disclaimer: Source code can be used only for non-commercial projects

Creator OF App ........nkahoang

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