Sunday, 15 June 2014

Trionix v1.03 apk

Requirements: 2.3.3
Overview: Welcome to Trionix, the space themed triangle game of strategy and skill.
The object is simple, claim as many of the triangle board spaces as you can, 
the winner is the player with the most pieces.

 Trionix - screenshot thumbnailTrionix - screenshot thumbnailTrionix - screenshot thumbnail

- Duplicate into an adjacent space
- Jump 2 spaces to move around the board quicker
- Land next to your opponents piece to claim it, and vice-verse
- Use 4 of your pieces to create a 'Super Triangle' which have the 
power to move to any vacant space on the board. This singe space will then
be locked for the rest of the game and be able to duplicate 2 spaces.
Choose up to 4 players, play with friends or pitch your skills against the CPU.
V1.03 update:
Seasons greetings Trionix-ers, welcome to the next update.
It took us a little longer than anticipated to get here but there is heaps more content for you, all of which needed thoroughly testing by our Fat fingers.
So, what’s new? Fancy new boards, that’s what! Not only do you get the standard board for 2, 3 and 4 players, you now get a further 5 boards for each number of players, yes that’s 15 brand new ones to try! We’ve been busy creating and testing various pre-set board designs with new starting positions and blacked-out and locked pieces. Your best time is also now recorded if you beat the CPU. This adds a whole new dimension to the game which we hope will enhance your gaming pleasure and really put your skills to the test.
A tutorial video has also been added (via the rules menu) which gives clearer instructions on how the game works. All the bugs that were reported to us should now have been eliminated, but they are pesky little things, so do please let us know if any have slipped through the net.
Phew, that’s all for now so we’ll leave you to it. Thanks for listening and thanks for playing.
Best wishes for the New Year from the Fatleg Team.

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