Monday, 16 June 2014

Mobile Controller Helper v2.0 apk

Requirements: Android 3.1 and up | ROOT
Overview: This app let several compatible games to recognize regular controller as a 
supported controller and enable special features. (Formerly known as MC4 Helper) 


Mobile Controller Helper - screenshot thumbnailMobile Controller Helper - screenshot thumbnailMobile Controller Helper - screenshot thumbnail


(Former known as MC4 Helper) This app let several compatible games 
to recognise regular controller as a supported controller and enable 

Special features (e.g. enable Modern Combat 4 to control camea view 
with right analog stick natively). Works with real controller (e.g. wired 
XBox 360 Controller) or emulated controller (e.g. GameKeyboard 
Joystick Mode).

1. Actual gameplay solely depends on the quality of your device+
and have nothing to do with this app.
2. Please don't give bad rating if a game NOT in the compatible list is 
not working.
3. Please email us for troubleshooting if a games in the compatible list 
is not working.

This app is still in early stage, for any issue please contact developer 

Before you install
1. Make sure your device is rooted.
2. Test your controller with "Joystick Tests" app to confirm that you have a standard 
controller which is compatible to your device (left and right stick corresponding to
X+Y and Z+Rz respectively). If you have a non-standard controller, try fix it by using
remap tools like GameKeyboard or contact developer.

Compatible Games
The following games are tested and compatible to this app:
- Modern Combat 4 v1.0.5/v1.1.0
- N.O.V.A. 3 v1.0.7
- Blitz Brigade v1.0.3
- The Bard Tale v1.5 (this game need special handling, contact us if it is not working)
- Blood Sword (reported by user)
- (Try other games and let us know your result)

All mentioned game titles and screenshots are property of relevant companies. 
We are not affiliated with the developers or publishers of these games.

What's New

v2.0 (2014-01-16)
-[new] Support more games!! See description for details.
-[change] Rename to Mobile Controller Helper (MC Helper) and we will work on 
supporting even more games in future.
-[fix] further reduce chance of being killed by system

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