Thursday, 10 April 2014

Vera Type Pro v3.2.3

Requirements: 2.2 and up 
Overview: Vera Type Pro (formerly Ascii Art Maker Pro) converts images into text and text into image

Vera Type Pro - screenshot thumbnailVera Type Pro - screenshot thumbnail
Vera Type Pro - screenshot

Vera Type Pro - screenshot

Vera Type Pro (formerly Ascii Art Maker Pro) converts images into text and text into images. See screenshots and tutorial. 

This app helps you create alternative art, typography, email messages, forum, code, pictures and more. Take your favorite photos and create new and exciting text and photo art. 

Once they are in text you can email them in emails when you can’t attach an image. You can post them in forums with your signature. You can post them in instant chat messages. You can even type up your own message and shape it into any image. Anywhere that you can post text you can post text art images. You can also export them as images. 

Full tutorial here - 
Full Desktop PC or Mac version - 

* Converts your selected image into text 
* Converts your text into the selected image 
* Adjust image levels to achieve maximum quality 
* Control quality of image (characters per line) 
* Adjust font size 
* Set resolution scale 
* Control the contrast and brightness with adjustments controls 
* Save to image 
* Copy to clipboard 
* Share 
• Email 
* Open image from the image gallery 
* Preview and switch between original image and text 
* Dimensions in pixels, millimeters, inches and characters 
* Speed improvements 

- For live editing of high density art (greater than 100 characters width) a newer phone or desktop version is recommended. If using a device with less than that lower the density or the font size to use the live editing feature. Otherwise all else is the same. 
- Some images work much better than others. When converting text to an image use symbols (single color illustrations) or play around with the settings to get the best results. Use more than a few words to help "fill out" the image. 

Feature requests are welcome. 


• Added swap color scheme 
• Added show background image 
• Improved non-repeat rendering mode 
• Fixed exported blank HTML page 
• When you export images they are copied to the VeraType directory rather than the Android Camera Roll. You may need to run an app like Resync to see the images in the native Image Gallery app. This is a bug in the Image Gallery program (as of Android 4.1). You may also look at applications like QuickPic or Android File Transfer Utility to find and access your exports.

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