Tuesday, 27 August 2013

[Guide] Genymotion | Android On PC (formerly known as AndroVM)

Hi there! 
Ever thought of running Android on PC? Trying out apps and playing with it?
Genymotion, provides the best Android virtual environment out there and runs Android 4.1
So let’s start installing it.
This guide will help you installing Genymotion ! 


  • This tutorial is based on Windows 7 HP 64bit
  • Know how to use your PC. I do NOT teach PC 101. Don't ask for clarification of this process – it is dirt simple if you are competent (- attn1).
  • Specs of the system used. (Full details in Signature)
Intel Core i7 3610QM
nVidia GT 650M 2 GB DDR3

You'll need the following: -

Assuming you got Virtual box installed and is functional, Follow the guide.


Starting up the app for first time after installation.

You'll need to log in to download the virtual device

After logging in, select the virtual device or variant you want to try out.

Just hit next. :P

Wait for it to get downloaded.

Select the virtual device you just downloaded and hit start/play.

Playing around

You'll be greeted with this lockscreen.

#Just for thread's sake  .


You can configure battery level.

You can even set the coordinates/ configure GPS. 

It comes Pre-rooted 

You can even set custom resolution..

ADB can be used for various purposes like copying a file to VM, installing apps, debugging, etc.

You'll need the following files :-

You'll need to connect to VM. VM's IP is (is customizable). Use the following command to connect.


adb connect
adb start-server
adb connect
Basic FunctionsADB push (sends files to your VM) -- 
adb push example.apk /sdcard/example.apk

ADB pull (Receives files from your VM) -- 
adb pull /system/app/example.apk example.apk

ADB install (installs application) -- 
adb install example.apk

Note:- The files pushed / pulled / apk installed should be in the directory of the ADB folder or else you may have to write the whole location of the file.

This Guide Is written By pratyush997

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