Tuesday, 27 August 2013

AppWererabbit (Toolbox)

AppWererabbit (Toolbox)

The basic app menu in Android's Settings leaves a lot to be desired. The strangely-named AppWererabbit does all that stock does and much more. Want to backup your entire app folder? No problem. How about an Apps2SD implementation? You got it. The $3 pro version adds a ton of management options for your backed-up apps, and it all works with Dropbox. This thing even has plugin support - just think of it as the DashClock of APK managers. With a really weird name.
App Wererabbit is a set of tools developed to help you manage app and apk files on your smartphone and tablet.
  • App Backup & Restore - Backup app (.apk file), allow fast app re-install without the needs of Play Store, also support auto-backup and multi versions
  • App list backup - Backup the list of installed apps for easy install on your new device, support multiple lists
  • App2SD (Move apps to SD) - Identify and facilitate the moving of apps that support this function to SD card
  • App Cache Cleaner - An 1-Tap Cleaner that also perform on schedule
  • App Sharer - Share interesting apps you discovered with your friends
  • Apk Installer - Search the device's storage for .apk files for easy installation
  • Apk Renamer - Search the device's storage for .apk files for individual or bulk rename to a custom name format


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