Saturday, 24 October 2015

[TOOL]]WifiKey v2.0

I just made a simple script with user friendly interface with who you can see names, passwords and security type of all wifi networks on which you are connected.

Script also have an option to export all to /sdcard/PASS.export

How to install:
-with recovery
1. Download zip for your device (arm or x86)
2. Flash with recovery (CWM, TWRP)
3. Reboot

-without recovery
1. Download zip 
2. Copy file from /system/xbin (zip)
3. Paste it inside /system/xbin (device)
4. Set permissions of a file to 755

How to access:
Open terminal emulator and type
Option 1 shows all wifi networks on which you are connected
And below you will see the option for exporting to sdcard.

Option 2 is for a donation 


PAYPAL users can donate me using this link
If you have issues, download paypal app from playstore, that will work 
For US users:
"I could not use your paypal donation link or url as you already know as it's not possible to send a donation from USA. I logged into my paypal account and used the option to pay for goods or services to send you the funds."

Thanks a lot, guys 

Creator /Owner Paget96

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