The original Angry Birds took flight on Android way, way back in 2010. It was followed by a number of spin-offs and expansions, but now the true sequel has arrived. You can tell by the name—Angry Birds 2. Rovio (and the market for mobile games in general) has changed dramatically in the years since the first game was released, so you can probably guess what that means. Yes, lots of in-app purchases. Sorry, guys.

The gameplay is more or less the same as it always was in Angry Birds games. You have several birds with different capabilities (represented by cards this time), and the pigs are hiding in poorly constructed buildings. You fling the birds and try to wipe out the pigs with falling debris and explosions. There are a few new objects to take advantage in the levels, as well as a new bird. There are also multi-stage levels, boss battles, and spells.
Unlike the old Angry Birds games, you have to contend with a maximum of three lives. That means if you run out of cards, you have to either spend gems to continue or lose a life. Lives regenerate in 30 minutes or you can recharge for 60 gems (you get 80 for $0.99). And of course, the game will sell you bigger bundles of gems for lots of money. Annoyingly, this makes it a huge hassle to just restart a level when you know you've screwed up and won't be able to beat it.
I'm sure some people will be willing to pay a few bucks here and there to play Angry Birds 2. It seems like it will get really spendy when the levels start getting more challenging, though. The game is, however, offering some free stuff if you complete the first world in the next two weeks as an early adopter prize.