Sunday, 2 June 2013

Android Desktop OS

Serilei  the Junior member of the xda developers make a great effort so he deserve that google take notice on his efforts and make it possibel 

Serilei  says that
This is something Ive been working on, and honestly I wish Google would make this into a full fledged desktop OS, or a hacker or someone. Hell if I had the skills I would do it myself.

But in the mean time, I will show you some ideas I've been working on, and if anyone wants to make this into a skin for the android ICS 4.1 for pc then by all means please do, and I will send you the PS files.

My idea of an Android Desktop OS. I am quite happy with it. Check my Deviantart for full HD pictures, and check my youtube video for a 6 minute description of what the OS would do. Please feedback is welcome.

Also I would love to see this come to light one day. Could be amazing.


Basic Desktop

Occupied desktop

Easy Access Menu

Easy Access Menu (USER)

Easy Access Menu (Music)


User Menu / Open Folder


Here is a youtube video with a bit of an explanation of what everything does.

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