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Garmin Viago™ v1697 apk

Requirements: Android 4.0+, Lucky Patcher
Overview: All in one: Garmin Viago ™ can browse other countries closest to your region and look to international addresses and places of interest. The map data is available online.

Best: Garmin Viago can be expanded at will with additional maps without having to use different regional applications.
And integrated as photorealistic views crosses the premium features, rails wizard, the wizard of speed or traffic information on the map facilitate travel. Want more? Garmin Equipe Viago with additional interesting features such as traffic information in real time with automatic route calculation, buildings and tourist attractions 3D natural prompted, turn and more.

- Getting clear and simple user.
- Views of photorealistic crosses.
- Precise voice instructions in over 25 languages.
- Traffic information on the map.
- Speed ​​Assistant.
- Indication of traffic signals.
- Mapping in 2D and 3D.
- Route planning with several intermediate stops.
- Use your phone contacts as destinations.
- Display of special destinations such as restaurants, hotels and gas stations.
- Navigation on foot.
- Weather reports for the destination.
- Works with Garmin HUD.

Additional functions (purchases from applications):
- With Maps to Go will always get the maps without internet connection for navigation. At the same time expand the range of international cartographic material. The integrated download manager allows you to install just the maps you need. They include regular map updates.
- Traffic information with automatic route calculation.
- Buildings 3D sights.
- Visual and acoustic Accidental speeding.
- Browse walk to public transport.
- And much more ...

Map coverage:
After installation of the online application, use the navigation map data across the region (Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East or Russia).
Maps to Go sail with no internet connection and extend the application with the following regions: Europe, North America, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand, Middle East, Russia.

Warranty upgrade:
After the first installation of the application will have automatic access to the latest maps from the market leader HERE maps (Navteq before).

Prolonged use of GPS in the background can cause a significant reduction in lifetime of the battery.

First install it. Do not start it!!!!!!!!!!!

Then use Lucky Patcher on the app.

Now turn on Wifi and GPS and Garmin Viago

Let it do it's thing.

Now close the program wifi and GPS and connect it to your PC or Laptop.

It makes a folder on my ext SD card in the folder \Android\data\com.garmin.android.apps.viago\files

Under that is a folder called Garmin.

Now if you want to use Garmin Maps here is the trick.

I tested this with a topo map.

You need to make a file called country_codes_generated.gar.

This file is very important.

Now I download a map from here.

You will get a file called OpenFietsMap.zip 
Open the zip and the only file you need is gmapsupp.img

Copy it to the Garmin folder

Now you need to edit country_codes_generated.gar

This is very important you do the info in this format.


It is very important that you put the countries that are in the map with a coma after each one.

When you have complete this copy it also to the Garmin folder.

Turn on GPS and then Garmin Viago.

It will show the map you installed.

You can do this with any Garmin map you like.

If you are going to try City Navigator Europe NT (Unicode) 2015.10 you will have to list every country code in the country_codes_generated.gar file.

This is what it would look like:


I will test other things and let you know how to do it. (speed Cam, 3d building, Views of photorealistic crosses.)

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