Friday, 13 June 2014

USB/BT Joystick Center GOLD v1.0027 apk

Requirements: Android OS 3.2 and up
Overview: USB/BT Joystick Center Gold is the only app that has an Unique Driver Editor & Programmable Byte Filter

and can use Wii Remotes also with Android 4.2 and higher, PS4/PS3 DualShock/Sixaxis (Wireless and without Root!) and XBox One Controllers (USB)

With this universal app you can use nearly all USB Joysticks/Gamepads/Racing Wheels and ANY paired and connected BT Gamepad with HID Mode support and also Gamepad Emulation (X360,PS3,NAT) to play Games like Avabel, Dead Trigger, Fifa, GTA, Minecraft, Modern Combat, Soulcraft, Wild Blood, ... and also Emulators like AMIGA, C64, DOS, GBA, NES, N64, ... OnLive and more. 

Please read this carefully: 
First, please do not download this paid app! (not all Android Devices are compatible with this app). First, try the Demo Version to check your Device Compatibility (available in the Google Play Store). If the Demo Version is working well, then you can switch to the paid app. 99% of the 1 and 2-Star raters ignored this hint, so you can ignore these ratings :-)

For the main features you do not need root (Keymapping). Also for the Wireless PS4/PS3 Dualshock you don't need a rooted device. For all Touch + Search HID + Gamepad Emulation features you need root.

What's New
- New: Auto-SEARCH (On/Off) in Background after JoyCenter IME Activation
- Fix: Bluetooth Fix for some Devices
- Fixed: A little bit more Button Swipe Range
- New: Multiplayer Support for Gamepad Emulation (1-4)
- Added: Deadzone Slider now also on the Joy2Touch Overlay Screen
- Fixed: CSR PS4 Wireless DPAD BUG (for this remove the SDCard/USBJoyGoldData folder)
- Fixed: CSR PS3 Wireless Connection
- Added: Nyko Playpad/Pro Settings
- New: Overlay Keyboard (Movable+Resizable)

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