Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Peek v1.76 apk

Requirements: Android OS 4.4+
Overview: This application is a complete redesign of the known "Peek" feature by ParanoidAndroid project, built to work on any 4.4+ ROM. The whole concept lies into allowing users to quickly interact with their notifications, without having to press any button.

Peek - screenshot thumbnailPeek - screenshot thumbnailPeek - screenshot thumbnailPeek - screenshot thumbnailPeek - screenshot thumbnail

The new design includes sharper typography, nicer placement of the items, breathtaking new effects and extended functionality (including blacklist). It works on pin locked devices but without showing the notification text to maintain the security implied by said protection.

IMPORTANT: This application was successfully tested on stock Android 4.4 and AOSP based 4.4 ROMs, on multiple Nexus devices (including tablets) and Oppo Find 7a.

How peek works:
When you receive a notification, and screen is off, peek will start polling your sensors. If some movement is detected on your device (either it was on a table and you lifted it, or it was in your pocket and you got it out), peek will show. Sensors will be polled for 10 seconds (average time for interacting with notifications) and then it stops doing so, to save battery. It is not possible to simulate the behavior of devices like the Moto X, without affecting battery, since they have special hardware for the task.

Whats New
- Added option to turn screen on when receiving a notification.
- Allow to blacklist system apps.
- Bug fixes.
- Double tap to sleep.

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