Monday, 2 June 2014

How To Fix Error Download Failed you may not have purchased this App

    Hi Users, Today i am going to show how to fix Download Failed ERROR in Android, most of our users faces this error because they are new to Android and they do not know much about APK or data or bla bla bla so here is the sort information i am trying to give about this error.

Q.Why This Error occurred ?
A.This Error Ouccurred because you did not place data folder properly in the desired place.
                 if this error apears it means you have to place the data folder in Android/obb/ folder, if you do not have a folder then create one and rename that folder to OBB, now place the data folder in Android/obb/ and play your game it will work just fine.
                     There are two types of data files placements for the Android games, first one is Android/obb (If Particular game's data to be placed in obb folder then (You are reading this can not download data files directly from game because this method need to check license verification from google play) second one is in the Android/data/ if there is a game and we have asked to place data in Android/data/ then it means you can download data files directly from game.

Q.What should i do to fix this error in the game?
A.To fix this error you have to remove Application or go to Manage Apps and clear data of that game, now place the data folder in Android/obb/ and play. data folder's name should be start with com. and this folder must contain one .obb file that's it.

Watch the video if you are still confused.
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