Thursday, 13 March 2014

USB/BT Joystick Center GOLD v1.007

Requirements: 3.2 and up
Overview: USB/BT Joystick Center a new Major Release, named: "GOLD" with great improvements!

After 2 years of USB/BT Joystick Center (first release was 17.08.2011), it was time for a new Major Release, named: "GOLD" with great improvements, a lot of new features and Wii Remote support for Android 4.2/4.3 with a BT EDR+ CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) USB Dongle. This is the Upgrade Price, for the next few weeks (50% off)

For the main features you do not need root (Joysticks + Keymappings). So you can play emulators and using the Wireless PS3 Sixaxis Controller without root. For all Touch features you need root.

Here are the new features of the Major Upgrade:
New: 2in1 App (no Joy2Touch Server needed)
New: New Joy2Touch GUI
New: Very low CPU consumption (70% lower, only 4-6% of the whole CPU Time)
New: Automatic Loading of a saved Game Touch-Setting
New: Android 4.2/4.3: Wii Remote + Nunchuk + Classic support (with USB CSR+ Bluetooth Dongle)
New: S4 Touch Hack support
New: Universal Touchscreen Driver (for all Devices with and without Touchscreen)
New: Touchscreen Rotation Option (-180°/-90°/0°/+90°/+180°)
New: Touch Mouse & Virtual Real Mouse
New: Easier Touch Button handling (Add/Move/Delete)
New: Movable Touch Buttons
New: Touch Swipe Buttons
New: Touch Slide Reset Frame
New: No "Back" Key is required
New: Moga Pro support (Mode "A")
New: iPega Support ("Joystick Mode" X+HOME)
New: Higher Stick Range for Full HD Devices
New: Bigger Screen design for Full HD Devices
New: Auto-Mapping for new created Drivers
New: Wireless Sixaxis Driver for the 2nd Connected Controller
New: Moga Pro Driver
New: iPega Driver
New: WikiPad Driver
New: Fake Wireless Sixaxis Controllers are working
Fixed: Wireless Sixaxis connection problems (with USB CSR+ Bluetooth Dongle)
Fixed: Touch bugs
Soon: Accelerator Emulation
Soon: Kinect Support
Soon: Tutorial Videos (work in progress)
Soon: New Help Section (work in progress)
To solve problems you have to uninstall all Moga-, Wii-, Sixaxis- and other installed Touchscreen Apps. After this, reboot your device. Without it you will get some problems.

These Bluetooth Devices are working with Android 4.2/4.3:
Wii Remote + Nunchuk + Classic (with USB CSR+ Bluetooth Dongle)
Sixaxis Controller (with USB CSR+ Bluetooth Dongle)
iControlPad (SPP Mode)
Moga Pocket
Moga Pro (Mode "A")
Zeemote JS1
These Bluetooth Devices you can not use with Android 4.2/4.3 at this time:
iPega ("Joystick Mode" X+HOME)

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